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Human Trafficking Narrative Essay - 1855 Words

March 11, 2012 Lives Ruined in Traffic Niculae GAMENÃ… ¢-ANTONIU mentions a young 19 year old young women, who lived in Serbia, was without a job in a poor economical situation. She was living with her father, who was an abusive alcoholic. After being abused enough by her father, she decided to start searching for a job not only in her hometown , but also in its surrounding areas. She applied for a waitress job, earned the job and moved to the new town. The owner never paid her the settled salary, treated her in a very unprofessional manner and sexually harassed her. Under these conditions she trusted a close friend who was a man (she would eventually find out he was her boss’ friend) who offered her a job in a well known Italian resort,†¦show more content†¦Even though condoms are used during sexual exploitation the young women are still in danger. BoÃ… ¾idar Banovic explains that the use of condoms provides false safety regarding AIDS transmission, and leads to other sexually transmitted diseases and vi ruses such as: Chlamydia infection, condilomi (genital warts), genital herpes as well as urinarz tract infections, scabies (Sarcoptes scabies), lice (Pediculosis pubis), gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis A, B, and C. Condilomi is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). ÃŽâ€"ÃŽ ¡V condiloma causes cervical cancer in women and treatment must be initiated straight after detection. ÃŽâ€"ÃŽ ¡V is commonly transmitted through sexual contact, regardless of regular contact, anal or oral sex. It can also appear even if the condom is used, as a partner could be a carrier of the virus, without any visible symptoms. The touch of infected skin or contact of body liquids during sexual contact is sufficient to get infected. Statistics provided by the US Centers for Prevention and Disease Control, state that at least 20 million people in the US suffer from HPV. Estimations indicate that around 80% of sexually active population has some form of this virus. In Croatia, it is estimated that about 60% of sexually active women is infected. In Serbia, there are no valid statistics but it is expected that the numbers do not significantly differ (95). The young women would be forced to have sex up to 25Show MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Legalizing Sex Work2819 Words   |  12 Pagesis the primary focus.? (McNeill, par. 2). For this essay we will investigate Sweden, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom?s legislation pertaining to sex work. We will examine the implications of legalizing, decriminalizing, outlawing, and how people within activist groups appeal to morals, claim that prostitution and human trafficking are tied and how decriminalizing prostitution is claimed to be a key factor in sex trafficking. We will look deeper into those who fight for what theyRead MoreEasy Rider and the Phenomenon of the 1960s Counterculture Teenpic3130 Words   |  13 PagesIn the following essay, I will attempt to highlight the phenomenon in cinema known as the counterculture youth-pic. This trend in production started in the late 1960s as a result of the economic and cultural influences on the film industry of that time. The following essay looks at how those influences helped to shape a new genre in the film industry, sighting Easy Rider as a main example, and suggests some possible reasons for the relatively short popularity of the genre. The standardRead MoreCounter-Culture Youth Pic Essay3079 Words   |  13 Pages In the following essay, I will attempt to highlight the phenomenon in cinema known as the â€Å"counterculture youth-pic.† This trend in production started in the late 1960’s as a result of the economic and cultural influences on the film industry of that time. The following essay looks at how those influences helped to shape a new genre in the film industry, sighting Easy Rider as a main example, and suggests some possible reasons for the relatively short popularity of the genre. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;â€Å"TheRead More Ethical Tourism in the Postcolonial Era Essay1822 Words   |  8 PagesThrough these representations the expectations of travel are high, leading tourists to a self-fulfilling prophecy of their travel agenda (Bandyopadhyay, 934). As Appadurai notes that the mediascape provides â€Å"large and complex repertoires of images, narratives and ethnoscapes to viewers throughout the world, in which the world of commodities and the world of news and politics are profoundly mixed† (App). He says that through these mediascapes an audience is more likely to create an imagined worldRead More Colombian Democracy Essay5929 Words   |  24 Pagesmiddle space between security and democracy approaches that renders either narrative inadequate. This void needs filling in to make intelligible the contradictions mediating the juxtaposed realities of Colombia. Social movement scholars creatively address this deficit from the micro level. I follow schol ars such as Daniel Pecaut (1992, 2001, 2004), Gonzalo Sanchez (1992, 1999), Marco Palacios (1999, 2000), and a 2004 Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Program on Colombia toRead MoreEssay about Slavery in Africa, Europe, and Jamaica6041 Words   |  25 PagesWest Coast Africa, including human cargo. Those persons who were captured were auctioned to other Europeans in Western Africa, and then shipped to European colonial lands including Jamaica. The slaves were then put to work on a plantation-based colony, whose goods were sent back to its mother country. The triangular system perpetuated the demand for slaves by Europeans in order to increase their country’s wealth. Throughout all of the shipping of goods, including human cargo, individual people wereRead MoreArticle Review of RJS Cadenas Capturing the Cali Cartel: Selections from Jaque Mate2602 Words   |  10 Pageswork is the most important point because this is where the author will either gain or lose the attention of his reader. If the start is interesting the reader is more likely to read the article or essay till the very ebd. Cadena starts the article or approaches the topic in a very interesting narrative style. She begins with an anecdote about the arrest of the youngest Rodriguez of the Cali Cartel, Jorge Eliecer, at the hans of the Columbian Police. Even more importantly, she adds to the appeal ofRead MoreA Postmodernist/Posthumanist Reading of Kazuo Ishiguro’s, Never Let Me Go Using Fredric Jameson’s Theory of Postmodernism and Late Capitalism.4659 Words   |  19 PagesLate Capitalism. Posthumanism neologism is used to describe what comes after humanism and the question of what it means to be human. It is often and most frequently used to describe a dystopian life form that is created and crafted by humans themselves. Posthumanism is not to be confused with postmodernism, although their paths do cross intrinsically throughout this essay. The concept of posthumanism is not as modern as one may think and is displayed in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein as aRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesPHILADELPHIA Temple University Press 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 Copyright  © 2010 by Temple University All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited by Michael Peter Adas for the American Historical Association. p. cm.—(Critical perspectives on the past) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 978-1-4399-0269-1 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4399-0270-7Read MoreMoral Development During Adolescence Essay8689 Words   |  35 Pagesdecline of moral values among adolescents was a cause of concern. According to J. D. Dlamini (personal communication, April 27, 2015) adolescents in the area were involved in a number of criminal acts. These criminal acts included drug sniffing and trafficking, and robbery. Illicit sex and unwanted pregnancies were also an indication of the decline of moral standards. Abuse of alcohol among adolescents was at its highest level. Finally, 3 the lack of respect of authority was prevalent. As a result of

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The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin And The Lady With The Dog

Problems in a marriage are almost inevitable. There is hardly a marriage that can be regarded as prefect; anyone who can make such claims is either deceitful or in denial. There are a number of reasons why a marriage would disintegrate. Falling out of love could be a reason. Love could be absent in some instance; however, could also be overwhelming in another. As such is the case in both the tales of â€Å"The Story of an Hour† by Kate Chopin and â€Å"The Lady with the dog† by Anton Chekhov. The characters all face nuptial tribulations, though entirely distinctive but share in similarities all the same. â€Å"The story of an hour† begins with the unsettling news of Mr. Mallard’s untimely demise. The news was delicately relayed to Mrs. Mallard, as the delicate condition of her heart may not sustain such discovery. It is only fair the woman laments over his death; after all, he is still her husband. However, the unusual â€Å"delicious breaths of rain†¦ and the notes of distant song† sang by a sparrow as described in the story, would suggest Mrs. Mallard seized the news far better than anyone would imagine. The question, why would she revel in her husband’s death, still remains. Mr. Mallard adored his wife. As indicated in the story, his touches were with â€Å"kind tender hands’. The author depicts his glances upon her were â€Å"with love...† Perhaps, therein lays the problem. His vast love may have smothered her. â€Å"There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which menShow MoreRelatedLiterary678 Words   |  3 Pageslife is curling up in a favorite chair with a short story that will carry us away from our everyday lives for an hour or two. On rare occasions, we find a tale that mirrors real life in such a way that we are strangely comforted by the normalcy reflected in the words. A perfect example of a story about ordinary life that will soothe the soul in s earch for some insight on understanding human behavior is Anton Chekhov’s â€Å"The Lady with the Little Dog.† This piece is definitive of the literary periodRead MoreStylistic Potential of the English Noun16714 Words   |  67 Pagestransposition, neutralization). All the linguistic phenomena discussed in this chapter are illustrated in the second one by means of about 200 cases that have been taken from the works that belong to the belles-lettres style (tales, poetry, short stories) written by such famous English and American writers of 18-20 centuries as Blake W., ColeridgeS.T., Munro H., Poe A.A., Hemingway E., Salinger J.D, etc. The aim of this chapter is to put the considered theory into practice showing the way the

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Related Text Analysis Free Essays

1 – Into the Wild shows a man who journey’s through the country in order to find peace and belonging. Christopher McCandless or ‘Alexander Supertramp’ was a man who wished not to conform to the way society was governed, he did no want to be sucked into the depths of technology which has consumed the minds of many people. He only wished to live simply as one would have one thousand years ago. We will write a custom essay sample on Related Text Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Into the wild strongly relates to the concept of belonging in many ways. In May 1990 McCandless graduates from Emory University with high honors. Instead of doing joining the workforce and being ruled by a world filled with laws he chooses to leave the world he has always know and been affiliated to start a new adventure. He does not tell anybody of his departure, as he wants to take this journey alone. Chris finds happiness and belonging when he reaches the Alaskan wilderness, it consists of no civilization or even signs of civilization apart from the abandon bus that he finds refuge in. The film shows that although McCandless is greeted by society with open arms, a life that would have been very tempting, he chooses not to conform to the way everyone else lives. Rubric: A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. On McCandless’s journey he comes into to contact with many different types of people and communities, from hippies to his fellow worker at a fast food restaurant. He finds many different characters, who have all found their place to belong in society, they have merged to form groups, all with their own ethics and beliefs. Many of these places suit Chris’s lifestyle but he still chooses to venture alone, as he is still unable to find the place where he really feels at home. He meets new people all the time who give him valuable knowledge on life. One occasion in particular is when McCandless encounters Ron Franz, a retired man who served in the United States army. McCandless lives with Ron for a while and Ron teaches him the craft of leatherwork. The pair are different in many ways but somehow formed a very strong bond between each other to the point where Ron offers to adopt him as a grandchild. This shows that a strong sense of belonging emerged through the relationship formed by McCandless and Ron. Another idea about belonging is that even people that are strongly connected to each other often have very different perspectives on belonging. This is seen through McCandless and his father. McCandless doesn’t feel that he belongs when is father makes the decisions for him and tells him what to wear and drive, this creates fear of being judged, he also doesn’t like developing new relationships with people, he does however over come these when he lives out in the wild, meeting new people along the way. – Sean Penn uses many film techniques and language features to help create ideas about belonging. Penn makes it clear that McCandless does not feel that he belongs in the city when he first arrives. It is shown to be a congested, loud and unnatural place. In the first minute after he hops off the train he finds himself having to crawl on his hands and knees under train carriages and drainage pipes. He later decides to walk down the streets late at night, You are ab le to hear sirens blaring, the streets are also very dirty with rubbish everywhere. Penn used these scenes as a way of representing cities as being dirty and congested, with no room for freedom. This is compared to the Alaskan wilderness that McCandless finally discovers. These scenes are done with many extreme long shots of the nature that surrounds McCandless. One significant example of these is when he stands up on the abandon bus that he had just discovered and yell ‘is there anybody out here? † as loud as he can. This emphasizes the fact that he has found a place where he can live with peace and freedom, he had found a place to belong. Another technique used in this film is the narration of Chris’s sister. Through out the movie we are shown how Chris feels and how he changes, but with the narration from his sister it shows us how everyone else is feeling. It shows us what effects of Chris leaving has had on the family. The final technique, probably the most important one, is the use of flashbacks. Penn begins the film with McCandless finally reaching Alaska after his journey across the country comes to and end. The idea that somebodies perspective on belonging can be shaped through new relationships and events is shown though this technique. Every flashback shows McCandless either coming across new characters, new places or experiencing new things. These all shape McCandless’s perspective on belonging. An example of this is when McCandless is talking to Ron after they had just walked up the steep, rocky hill. Ron tell Chris that he will miss him when he has gone, but Chris just replies saying that â€Å"you are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships. Ron then gives Chris very wise words stating, â€Å"When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God’s light shines through you. † McCandless has many other encounters with people who also teach him valuable lessons in life, and by the end of the film, McCandless is left realising that ‘happiness is only real when shared’ rather than thinking that the on ly way to be happy was to be isolated and alienated from the materialistic society. 3 – Many new ideas about belonging have aroused from ‘Into the Wild’. It is often very hard to find a place to belong, as is the case with McCandless, he meets many different groups and communities but can never find a place where he feels he actually belongs. Belonging isn’t necessarily being apart of a community that shares similar beliefs and ethics, someone may actually find that they belong when they are by themselves or/and indulged in the serenity of nature. Society is built up of laws and rules, meaning the only way to belong are to conform and respect those rules even if you do not entirely think they are right. McCandless finally has enough of obeying the rules that are set out to keep everyone in line. Another key point that is brought through ‘Into the wild’ is that peoples perspective of belonging can change due to certain events, when McCandless first decides to leave his old life behind him he had no intentions of forming friendships with other people, all he wanted to do was get away from society. Over time he began to change his view on society and realized that being alone and isolated isn’t actually what he wanted. But that ‘happiness is only real when shared’, so this is basically saying that he finally understood that he didn’t want to be locked away from the world and that he was only really happy when he helped make his friends happy. 4 – ‘Into the Wild’ can relate to The Crucible through the ideas established about belonging. Chris McCandless can be looked at along side John Proctor in the way that they both choose not to conform to society and both their lives are cut shot due to this. McCandless does not wish to live as everyone else does, he does not want to be a clone to society, all he wants if freedom to do what he wants but his life comes to an early end due to this because he preferred to live in the Alaskan wild instead of living in a stable environment at the comfort of his own bed. Proctor was also a wise, ethical man yet he did not completely agree with the way things were being run in Salem. He could have very easily taken the easy way out and conform to the Ministry’s orders to save his life but he instead chooses to do what he knows is right. Another way that these two texts relate is through the idea that ones perspective one belonging can be created and/or changed due to certain events. Chris begins his journey believing the only way he can belong and be happy is to be secluded from the world around him, living disconnected from people in the wild life. But after his many encounter with people he slowly beginning to realise that he can only be happy when helping to create happiness for others. This is similar to Hale in ‘The Crucible’. The story begins with him who believes that the church is always ethical and correct. The church is like his home to him, it is where he belongs. As the story progresses he begins to realise that watch is happening is wrong and yet due to the power of the ministry he has no way to prevent the events that unfold. This drastically changes his perspective on the church and the faith he has believed in for so long, he realises that maybe after all, the church is not where he belongs. Nick Slaven How to cite Related Text Analysis, Essay examples

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Project Plan of car tracker software

Executive Summary This project is meant to create awareness of software that were developed by students of this university. The management of this university has been encouraging creativity and innovation from the student body. As a result, various groups of students have made massive efforts, with the help of their lecturers, to come up with new products that will make a difference in the society.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Project Plan of car tracker software specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The software helps in tracking of cars in case they are lost. The software does not only help in tracking the car, but also takes and transmits photos of the person driving the car. This software is an improvement of the existing car tracking software that helps in tracking cars when they are lost. Its ability to transmit the image of the parson driving the car is meant to help detect the person who has stolen the car . This will make arrest of the criminal easier. The criminal will have liberty of covering his face, but this will only jeopardize chances of being arrested by the highway officers who will want to know the reason why the face is hidden. The software also has a further capacity of capturing and transmitting the image of the immediate environment. This helps in tracing the direction taken by the carjackers. This is a massive project that will help advertise this software in the market. Introduction Purpose of the Report This report is meant to advertise car tracker software developed by a group of students within the campus. Although my society members consider universities as institutions for inventions and innovations, they have not taken seriously the fact that very good products can come from these universities. The fact that students lack enough money to bankroll expensive television commercials, their products always fail to get public attention, making it difficult to get the market they need. Their invention ends up being stolen, if not cheaply bought by major companies which have the capacity to commercialize the product. This project aims at helping these innovative students by ensuring that their products receives the much needed public attention that will help make the known in the market.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Background of the study Students have been complaining that they work hard to come up with various innovative ideas but the ideas are never developed. They state that they come up with ideas, but because of enough money, their ideas are always bought cheaply by companies who use them to earn a lot of money. In some cases, they are always surprised by unethical actions of some companies which steal their ideas at their inception. This group that came up with this project worked very hard to ensure that the project is a succe ss. Sure enough, they have been able to test and confirm the fact that the device works well and can help reduce cases of theft of cars (Murch 2004, p. 112). The main concern is now to ensure that the device reaches the market in time, and that the developers of the software get to benefit, and not greedy companies that are always ready to steal these ideas. What the Report Will Cover In this report, the focus will be on how effectively this software can be popularized in the market. This project is geared towards ensuring success of another project. This project focuses on how to make the software project succeed in making their product successful in the market (Panneerselvam Senthilkumar 2010, p. 90). The developers have worked had to ensure that the devise works. However, they lack the capacity to make their product known in the market. This is where this project comes in. Limitations According to Nagarajan (2005, p. 79), in every project are expectations. There are people who h ave their expectations of any given project. It is always important to specify the objectives of the project in order to ensure that people’s expectations are regulated. Every project manager always aims at offering satisfaction to all stakeholders. This may be jeopardized if their expectations are not regulated. In this project, there are some limitations that is important to be stated. It is important to note that this project is limited to creating awareness of the product. It is not related in any way, to the effectiveness of the product, or its functionality.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Project Plan of car tracker software specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Any technical aspect of the product is not in any way related to this project. It is also important to note that the scope of the project is limited to this country. The project does not cover creation of awareness beyond the borders of this co untry. Activities of the Project Project Scope As stated above, the scope of this project is limited to advertisement and other mechanisms through which the software can be known in the market. The scope of this project does not include any technicalities of the product. It is also important that this project does not cover delivering the product to the market. It specifically focuses on the awareness creation of the product in the market. Project Objectives According to Nagarajan (2005, p. 112), it is always important to specify objectives of a project. In this project, there were specific objects that the project manager, together with project members, wishes to achieve. Creation of general awareness of the product within the domestic market within a period of four months. Make the market know the existence of the product and some of the features that make the product unique. Deter any form of piracy, or an attempt to mimic this technology by major industry players through massiv e advertisement and warnings. Help the students who developed this idea take their product to the market. Project Deliverables Project deliverables are some of the tangible and intangible outcomes of a project. In this project, some of the project deliverables include the extent to which people will be aware of this product after four months that the project plans to take (Kousholt 2007, p. 89). Another deliverable in this project includes the amount of income that the developers shall generate through the sale of their project. The ability of the product to be sold in the market without any form of piracy is also another deliverable in this project. Constrains In every project, there are always project constrains that should be considered in making the project successful. In this project, the first constrain was time. As a student, it was not easily to get free time to conduct a massive awareness of the product in the market. Another constrain was finance to enable project members move from one corner of the country to another; and to use some of the major media stations in this country. Stakeholders Management and Project Organization The management of this project is shown in the diagram below. Although the project will be done by a group of marketing managers, it shall also incorporate developers of this project. Their participation is important in ensuring that that they understand important issues concerning marketing of their project.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The project manager will be at the helm of all the activities talking place in this project. The developers will have a special niche in this project where they will be allowed to give their views on this project, but will not directly take part in the activities of the project. Risk Management, Project Quality, Monitoring and Control It is always important to understand some of the risks that are always presented in any given project, and how to manage them (Kanda 2011, p. 76). In this project, the management of project risks will be conducted by a special group which will be responsible for quality management. They will be responsible for detecting and managing of the risks in time. The team will be responsible for monitoring various activities within the firm, and determining the best control methods for these risks and other issues that may arise in the process of project implementation. Conclusion This project is focused on ensuring the car tracking software that were develope d by a group of university students reach the market to the benefit of students. It has been so unfortunate that students in the universities have been coming with creative ideas that are stolen by major companies within this country. The Gantt chart in the appendix below shows the timeline within which the project is expected to bring to a conclusion. List of references Kanda, A 2011, Project management: A life cycle approach, PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi. Kousholt, B 2007, Project management: Theory and practice, Nyt Teknisk Forlag, New York. Murch, R 2004, Project management: Best practices for IT professionals, Prentice Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River. Nagarajan, K 2005, Project management, New Age International, New Delhi. Panneerselvam, R Senthilkumar, P 2010, Project management, PHI Learning, New Delhi. Appendix Timeline for the Project In every project, there must be a clear schedule that should be followed to ensure that it achieves its objectives. This project sho uld be completed within four months. The system should be up and running within the four months from the day it is officially set operational. The Gantt chart below specifies the activities that will be carried out in this project Gantt chart Time: 2013 January February March April Project Activity Project Planning Project Proposal Development Project Proposal Approval Recruitment of Project Team members Development and Test Detailing Requirements Development of Prototype Approval of the Prototype Development of a version Test the version Apply the correction on the version Approve the final version Implementation Train all the users Rolling out the final version The above Gantt chart demonstrates all the activities that should be accomplished within a specified duration. The activities should be accomplished within a time span of three months. The activities will s tart from January 2013, to April the same year. This report on Project Plan of car tracker software was written and submitted by user J0ey to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Khamosh Pani review Essays

Khamosh Pani review Essays Khamosh Pani review Essay Khamosh Pani review Essay Speaking to the Constituent Assembly in 1947, MA Zinnia presented his vision for the country: If you change your past and work in the spirit that every one of you, no matter to what community he belongs, no matter what relations he had with you in the past, no matter what his color, caste, or creed is first, second, and last a citizen of his State with equal rights, privileges, and obligations, there will be no end to the progress you will make (McDermott, Gordon et. Al. 759). In subsequent months, the constitutional debates revealed the deep divisions that existed within the country. Less than 2 years after Jinnis speech, the Objectives Resolution held that Islam was to be the guiding force in Pakistanis political life. Still later, the Minor Report of 1953 concluded that an Islamic state was anathema to the ideals of political modernity and that Pakistan ought to be a liberal secular state. These two conceptions of religion set up a constitutive tension in which Salamis political significance becomes ambivalent as doctrinally inflexible, historically anachronistic, and therefore incommensurable with modern statehood. This existential tension is visualized in Sabina Sumacs film Shampoo Pain (Silent Waters). Set in a Punjabi village near Rawlins, it tells the story of Ayes, a widow raising her teenage son Salami in 1 979 just after General Siss military coup. They enjoy a mostly serene existence until radical Psalmists arrive from Lahore to induct new recruits for the jihad cause and to propagate the Colonization of the country. Initially dismissive of the zealots dour persona, the impressionable Salami is taken in by the sheer forcefulness of their rhetoric, frustrated as he is by the lack of opportunities offered by his circumstances, and perhaps threatened by the educational ambitions of his girlfriend Subside. The arrival in the village of Sikh pilgrims, coupled with Salamis growing anger and intolerance, leads to the revelation of long-buried and horrific secrets within his own family, ending with Ayes making the sacrifice that she wasnt ready to make in the turmoil of Partition. The painful meaning Of the films title becomes dreadfully clear. Several scenes depict the social transformation that takes place in Pakistan during this period: the adolescent romance of Salami and Subside to the knowledge of others in the village, Subsidys simple dreams of creating her own wealth with a mixer, a ceiling fan, and a job in a big office, a colorful wedding replete with music, dance, and drinking. With the arrival of fundamentalist forces, however, we sense the burgeoning air of terror and story in the village: the postmans fearful observation that no matter what has happened, you never hang a Prime Minister, the chatty barber being warned when he jokes about the General and his grooming ritual , the wall around the girls school being raised, shops being forced to close during amaze, the Sikh pilgrims being bullied by the zealots while at prayer, and Ayes being ostracizes unless she publicly declares her unsullied Muslim identity. The character of Salami is remarkable in his ability to project both confused aggression and intense vulnerability. His transition from the natural joy of a carefree, flute-playing young man in love in the first part of the film, to the indoctrinated and sullen faux brute of the second demonstrates the process by which political ideology leads to social transformation. His personal sense of crisis through the process is revealed in scenes such as when Salami lets his propaganda fliers float into the stream, and then shoots them in frustration, or asks his mother why she isnt proud of him. Shampoo Pain is as much Salamis story as it is Essays: a woman first scarred y the ferocious tearing apart of her family and homeland, only to be devastated years later when her son is taken from her by the new claimants of the same destructive forces. Through traumatic flashbacks, the film reveals the violence of Partition in which many women were killed by their own families or forced to commit suicide to protect their honor from rape by other men. Unable to protect his women from rape, Veers father chooses such a method of maintaining their purity and retaining the communitys masculinity. Helpless against the chaos around them, and unable to secure retention from the state, communities frequently resorted to such ritualistic executions. Such practices suggest a desire to control their destiny; a desire for agency that took womens bodies to be a site for preservation. Every refuses this fate and instead submits to violence by men from the other community and dislocation from her own. At the same time, she claims space for herself, as Muslim Ayes, in her ancestral village Charka, now located in Pakistan. The film also connects local suffering to global power. The events of 1979 that engulf Charka involve global politics, as two superpowers, the United States ND the Soviet Union, struggle for world dominance. Politicized Islam is used to generate cadres of young men willing to join the American-led jihad in Afghanistan. The internalizing of these macro processes is remarkable. In an early scene, one of the organizers from Lahore reminds his stauncher companion: were here not to fight but to convince. Reaffirmation of religion within Pakistan helps identify those who will be transformed into holy warriors. During this process, communal divisions are deployed to recognize those who belong to the polity and those who are outsiders. The importance of Shampoo Pain lies in presenting politicized Islam and its connection to communality and social transformation as a process. It serves as an important critique of state-sponsored religion and its effects on peoples lives. The film simultaneously threads some of the most controversial and emotionally blistering issues of Partition, communality, the indoctrination of disaffected youth, and what it means to be female, especially in times of conflict. The simple narrative about a widow in a Pakistani village and her boy is extraordinarily effective.

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Blaschkos Lines and Invisible Stripes on Human Skin

Blaschko's Lines and Invisible Stripes on Human Skin Unless you have one of a number of skin diseases, you may not realize you have stripes, much like those on a tiger! Ordinarily, the stripes are invisible, though you can see them if you shine an ultraviolet or black light over your body. What Are Blaschko's Lines? The  Lines of Blaschko or  Blaschkos lines make V-shaped stripes down your back, u-shapes  on your chest and stomach, simple stripes on your arms and legs, and waves on your head. The stripes were first described by German  Alfred Blaschko in 1901. Blaschko was a dermatologist who observed pigmented patterns in people with certain skin diseases. The patterns are also visible in people with chimerism. A chimera begins as two cells that have different DNA from each other. As these cells grow and divide, they contain slightly different instructions on how to produce proteins, including pigments. The lines dont follow blood vessels, nerves, or lymphatic vessels, believed instead to reflect the migration of embryonic skin cells. Under ordinary conditions, skin cells are programmed to produce the same amount of pigment as each other, so the stripes arent noticeable. The slight differences are more obvious under the higher energy of ultraviolet light. Other animals besides humans display Blaschko lines, including cats and dogs. How To See Your Human Stripes Whether or not you can view your own human stripes depends on your natural skin pigmentation and the type of UV light you use. Not all black lights are sufficiently energetic to make the lines visible. If you want to try to view your own stripes. youll need a dark room and a mirror. Shine the black light over exposed skin and look for the pattern. Conditions Where Human Stripes Are Visible Several skin disorders may follow Blaschkos lines, making them visible. These conditions may be inherited or acquired. Sometimes the stripes are visible throughout life. Under other conditions, they appear and then fade. While its possible for the whole body to be affected, many times the lines only appear on a single limb or region. Here are some examples of skin conditions associated with Blaschkos lines. Congenital Skin Disorders linear sebaceous naevus (lifelong)unilateral naevoid telangiectasia (lifelong) Acquired Skin Disorders lichen striatus (one to two years)linear psoriasis  (one to two years)linear scleroderma Genetic Skin Disorders Conradi-Hunermann syndromeMenke’s syndrome How Are Blaschko's Lines Treated? If Blaschkos lines were simply stripes, treatment might be as simple as applying make-up or a drug to fade the pigment. Sometimes Blaschkos lines only affect skin pigmentation. However, the marks associated with skin conditions may present as dermatitis, with papules and vesicles. In some cases, corticosteroids may improve skin health. Treatments that reduce physical and emotional stress and address the underlying cause of the condition may also help.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Terrorist Event Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Terrorist Event Response Paper - Essay Example ving in to the terrorists’ demands as part of their counterterrorism strategies, the terrorists become more innovative in devising changes in the nature of their terrorist threats. The effects of terrorist activities on the economy of a country besieged by violent attacks could not be ignored. These activities hamper investment opportunities and erode public and investor confidence. In addition, terrorist activities limit economic growth because more government funds are being allocated for security and defense. In this regard, as the part-time emergency management director of a small country with a small population and a small tax base, I am tasked with the responsibility of describing how limited resources would be leveraged to respond to a terrorist event. Due to the methods, weapons used, impact and threats that terrorist activities create in peoples’ lives; various organizations must be prepared to respond in cases of terrorist attacks. Terrorists have shifted their focus to utilizing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which poses more danger to human lives, properties and environmental safety. Further, with the advancement in technology, terrorists utilize the World Wide Web as a means to proliferate their agenda. In this regard, the response procedure that must be applied and divulged through all local units of the government is that of a tiered response which â€Å"emphasizes that response to incidents should be handled at the lowest jurisdictional level capable of handling the work. The vast majority of incidents are, in fact, managed locally.†( USDNS, 2008, 27) This means each and every member of the local government unit, private sector representatives, emergency responders, and the community, in general, must par ticipate in awareness and in building response capabilities. As emphasized in the US Department of National Security (USDNS), the National Response Framework (2008, 27) the â€Å"three phases of effective response: prepare, respond, and